Healthy Normal

If you've been thinking about your current weight, it may be because you've noticed a change in how your clothes fit. Or maybe you've been told by a health care professional that you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol and that excessive weight could be a contributing factor. The first step is to assess whether or not your current weight is healthy.
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Healthy Normal Volunteers Needed

Clinical Trials need healthy normal volunteers as much as they need people that have the medical condition or disease they are trying to address. Flu vaccines for example need healthy volunteers to verify that their vaccine can prevent you from getting the flu.

Am I healthy and normal?

You are healthy if you are free from illness, injury or pain.

Most studies consider that you are "healthy" if you have a medical condition such as diabetes if you are receiving treatment for that condition and are "stable".

You are normal if you have a sense of mental and social well-being.

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